We seek further evolution of our integrated logistics services

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Photo:President Masaru Usui

As an “Integrator” providing total logistics services of delivery, storage and forwarding for electronic components, we at Alps Logistics offer our customers in the electronics industry a high-quality service in which they can have full confidence. With a logistics network that links electronic components manufacturers and set manufacturers, we respond to our customers' requirements for innovation in production and logistics, reducing inventory and shortening lead time through a service tailored to the individual logistics characteristics of a wide range of electronic components.

As the electronics industry continues to grow and develop, the logistical requirements of electronic components are becoming increasingly globalized and upgraded.

In light of these developments, we are expanding our logistics network and, through increasing our operation site expertise and the strength of our human resources, attempting to further reinforce our proposed solutions for customers' logistics tasks, with the aim of becoming the best partner for optimizing logistics.

We also take corporate social responsibility seriously, especially for conserving the global environment, and we are striving to respond at a high-level to the expectations of everyone connected with Alps Logistics. We look forward to receiving your continued guidance and patronage.