Corporate Vision

Corporate Philosophy

We contribute to the enrichment of society
by developing optimal logistics solutions for monozukuri

People's lives have been enriched by advancements in monozukuri, a Japanese term referring to manufacturing and all that it encompasses.
Alps Logistics is a global provider of logistics solutions specializing in electronic components used in monozukuri of motor vehicles and electronic devices etc.
Electronic components require individual logistics solutions customized for each customer and delivery location based on their unique product handling requirements. We strive to develop optimal solutions for each customer's ‘logistics individuality’ and support monozukuri by providing high quality, efficient, safe and environmentally friendly services.
Our mission at Alps Logistics is to become a logistics service provider that is trusted worldwide and contributes to the enrichment of society.

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Business Approach

Mutual Prosperity

Build solid partnerships with customers

Value Creation in Logistics

Provide high quality, specialized services

Environmental and Social Harmony

Conduct corporate affairs fairly and responsibly

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Business Domain

Integrated logistics solutions specializing in electronic components

Alps Logistics has developed a global integrated logistics platform of transportation, warehousing, forwarding and material sales interlinked across a network of in-house IT systems with electrical and automobile electronic components as the main cargo.
In addition we have adapted the high quality and precision handling expertise required to handle electronic components for usage in a variety of other industries.
We aim to expand into new business domains as our integrated logistics solutions for electronic components continue to advance.

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Action Guidelines

Sincerity  honest conduct

Speed  smooth and quick action

Challenge  targeting new heights

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