Use of Bonded Zone(1)

Utilizing bonded warehouses
(assuming the customer has a local sales company)

Chinese affiliates of Alps Logistics located inside bonded zones in Dalian and Shanghai deliver cargo held for customers (Japanese or other foreign component manufacturers, trading companies and local sales companies) to component manufacturers and end-product manufacturers within China according to shipping instructions. Our cargo centers located inside the bonded zones can be utilized as part of that service.
Here is an example of delivery to an end-product manufacturer located in China from a Japan-based component manufacturer.

An Alps Logistics Chinese affiliate carries out entry procedures for the goods exported from Japan, which it stores in its bonded warehouse. On the receipt of shipping instructions from the Japan-based component manufacturer or its local sales company, the Alps Logistics affiliate performs the necessary import procedures and delivers the cargo to an end-product manufacturer within China. By employing the bonded warehouse, the goods while stored there are in bond, not subject to customs duties or value-added tax. The products can be delivered duty-free to the end-product manufacturer if the manufacturer is procuring the parts using a “registration handbook for duty-free processing trade.” Bonded warehouses belonging to Alps Logistics specialize in electronic components just like the company’s Japanese warehouses and can therefore be trusted to perform distribution processing services.