Use of Bonded Zone(2)

Logistics-related services at bonded warehouses
(assuming the customer does not have local sales company)

Chinese affiliates of Alps Logistics located inside bonded zones in Dalian and Shanghai perform a range of logistics-related services employing bonded warehouses and international trade licenses to enable delivery of products to multiple manufacturers in China on behalf of component manufacturers or trading companies that do not possess local sales companies.
Here we introduce the process by which we provide duty-free storage of products for non-resident* component manufacturers based in Japan or Hong Kong that do not possess sales companies in China, thereby enabling frequent and small-lot delivery to multiple end-product manufacturers operating in China.

*Non-resident: a company not registered locally

Logistics-related services we provide through bonded zones require our Chinese affiliates to act on behalf of the customer (component manufacturer or trading company) for acceptance of cargo exported from countries outside China and execution of procedures necessary for delivering goods to end-product manufacturers operating in China.
Collection of payment for goods is another service. Payment is accepted from China-based end-product manufacturers and transferred to the customer in Japan or another foreign country.
We also offer shared storage of goods, for component manufacturers or trading companies without a local sales company, and VMI services, whereby goods held in other companies’ warehouses within the bonded zone can be transferred to an Alps Logistics warehouse from where they will be shipped together to a China-based manufacturer.