Multi-Function Logistics Centers

Shortening logistics lead time for import and export

Alps Logistics has set up multi-function logistics centers, housing both domestic cargo warehouses and bonded storage facilities, close to Japan's major entry and departure points—Narita International Airport and the Port of Tokyo. Two advantages of storing domestic and bonded cargo under the same roof are large reductions in lead time and lower costs.

For Exports

Export packing through to export clearance can be performed in a single building.

For Imports

Import clearance procedures are first completed at Narita International Airport, the Port of Tokyo or our Freight Forwarding Center, after which distribution processing (issue of specified delivery notices, labeling, etc.) is carried out at our Narita Branch or Oi Branch prior to just-in-time delivery to a domestic plant of an end-product manufacturer.

Global Stock and Delivery

Global stock and delivery is also available through our domestic and overseas network of logistics centers. Products manufactured by customers at either Japanese or overseas plants are gathered at the Narita Branch or Oi Branch for temporary storage then bundled together according to customer instructions for delivery to plants located in Japan or overseas.