About Alps Logistics

Specializing in logistics for electronic components

Alps Logistics provides global integrated logistics services specializing in electronic components as a group company of Alps Alpine.

Just as special care is required during transportation, storage and delivery of pianos and artwork, electronic components demand a certain style of logistics. But what does that involve? Semiconductors, to provide an example, require special care during storage to ensure protection from static electricity. Semiconductors are also extremely varied in type and lot size compared to other products and therefore demand meticulous detail in distribution processing prior to shipping. Truly optimal logistics solutions must be able to identify and actually incorporate the diverse “Individuality in Logistics” of electronic components, which varies according to the product and the final destination.

Alps Logistics is a specialist well-acquainted with electronic component production, applying its wealth of technology and know-how to respond to the sundry requirements of logistics for electronic components, which include high-mix/low-volume and just-in-time delivery. The attention we pay to detail, together with our formidable and far-reaching transportation network, allows us to accommodate the “logistics individuality” of electronic components within our integrated logistics services. We are held in high regard not only by component manufacturers and trading companies, but also by their customers, the end-product manufacturers.