Systems & Personnel


[IT support for management of logistics for electronic components]

Vast experience and know-how are contained within our logistics information systems. These systems can be freely customized to match the customer’s systems environment and business operations, providing an IT platform that will support logistics strategies and logistics innovation efforts.
Systems developed independently in Japan are also in operation overseas. We are therefore able to provide the same high-quality service worldwide as in Japan.

[Alps Cargo Center System]


Performs wide-ranging functions needed to ensure the high accuracy required in warehouse operations for electronic components. The system supports every management need including information management, with sophisticated data links to all processes from receiving to shipping, and the output of various forms, shipping notices for individual destinations and reports on long-term inventories.



[Total Export Shipping System/
Alps Import Operation System]


Systems offering support for forwarding services. For example, total support for the creation of shipping and customs documents facilitates quick export procedures.



[Alps Transportation Management System]


Basic platform supporting efficient and accurate provision of services. The system allows unified management of delivery information, including collection and delivery points, driver information and delivery routes.



[Alps Cargo Finder System]


An Internet-based system providing information on the status of domestic deliveries, export sea cargo and export air cargo, as well as estimated arrival times.




[Integrated logistics professionals pursuing logistics innovation for the customer]

Alps Logistics services owe their existence to the people working in the field. Well aware of the importance of human resources in the provision of logistics services, we have directed effort into fostering integrated logistics professionals familiar with all facets of logistics operations.
As integrated logistics professionals, we will present to the customer optimal solutions to logistics challenges.